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Core Values

The CCPFO recognizes that many different values are relied upon when developing our players. One is not more or less important than the other, rather each value is developed in the player at their pace and according to their personal goals. With this in mind, the organization has aligned itself with Eight Core Values that we feel should be part of the player's development. These values are Pride, Hard work (Effort), Attitude (Respect), Never Quit (Commitment), Teamwork, On Time , Mentally tough, and Success. We exemplify these values in everything we do and are proud to display them in our name, PHANTOMS.

Pride (Respect)
We play the game of Fastpitch softball because we love it. Proud to be part of a team, Pride in your coaches, in yourself and in your team. We show our love for the game by respecting it. We are ambassadors of the game, we follow the rules, we treat umpires and opposing teams with the same respect we show our parents, and we set an example for all who witness our performances, and we thank them for being a part of it. We love the game.

Hard work (Effort)
It takes hard work to be the best at anything you do.  Nothing comes easy and working hard to obtain your goals, show commitment to achieve in things worth having. Give 100% in everything we do. 

We have a positive attitude because we believe in ourselves, our teammates, and the CCPFO. A positive attitude attracts people with positive attitudes, and we like to associate with positive people, positive people are winners. We have positive attitudes because we are in control of our future and look forward to it. 

Never Quit (Commitment)
We commit to our process and take responsibility (No excuses) for the outcomes.

Team Work
It takes a team to win at this sport, not only the players on the field but also the players not on the field.  Being a great teammate cheering and encouraging the team on to victory.  Leaders are not always in front, sometimes they are on the bench. The team wins and loses together. 

On time and Ready to go
Just showing up for practice can bring the team down. All players should bring their motivation and energy to practice, ready to learn and challenge themselves to be the best they can be. Always be on time to practice, games and events ready to win.

Mentally Tough
In everything you do you must have a mental plan of action.  Being mentally tough and able to overcome challenges that may be thrown at you with no warning.  Weather, playing a new position or being asked to try something new to better yourself.  Be willing to accept the challenge and overcome obstacles in your path.

If we combine a positive attitude, an unwavering commitment, always doing the best we can, and respecting ourselves along the way, then success is only a formality.  We will be successful!